Wandering Beekeeper

Practical Journeys a Speciality

I'm posting all this stuff without a paywall or a Patreon subscription being required or anything. It's all going out under Creative Commons, especially since some of it is based on existing properties and it would be extremely uncool of me to make money off someone else's work without their explicit permission and giving them a cut as they deserve. To keep things from getting complicated, I'm using LiberaPay for any income you might see fit to toss my way as appreciation of the work that I'm posting here.

Loom Rescue

The loom, among other stuff, got left behind in Pine Bush when we moved because of True State Moving of New Jersey, better known as The Movers From Hell. This blog documents our journey to crowdfund a rescue and deliver the loom to an autonomous zone in Chapel Hill, where anarchists will use it to clothe themselves and the homeless in the area.

Antillia Project logo

Antillia is the world I built for Venleitche, the game I tried to develop as a Patreon project. While the project collapsed from lack of interest, the world remains something I'm rather proud of and want to continue to visit. This link sends you to Itch.io where I'm converting the world of Antillia to a sourcebook with no game mechanics, describing a world for open source use.

If you want to download the mostly-complete Venleitche game manual, just click the link in this sentence.

Last Geomancer logo

The Last Geomancer tells the story of Jack Hollow, a young man who leaves Cornwall in 1862 for Australia, where he becomes a miner, a mystic, a union organizer, and an ally to the Wito meyunna, the Indigenous people of the Adelaide region. It takes place in a world very much like our own, but where folk magic traditions actually work. The link above will take you to the Substack where I'm releasing scenes and developmental notes every four days.

Old White Hippie Kitchen

I'm an old white hippie. This is my kitchen. Let's talk about food history, where our crops came from, how they spread, the uses people found for them, how to grow them nowadays and what people are currently doing with them. A mix of survey articles of various crops, and recipe pages where I attempt to make something I've found in my research. Updated sporadically.