Wandering Beekeeper

Practical Journeys a Speciality

Welcome to my home site. It's slapped together from a free template in an open-source static site builder. I don't make any guarantees about links working, dummy template content having been cleaned up, any of that. It'll get better as I have the time and interest to invest. Keep checking back as I add new content, as page hit count is incentive. If an audience has shown up, they must be entertained. On with the show.

Empire Of One

A series, possibly of more than one part, most likely updated with occasional frequency, in which our author discusses his forays into Minecraft, singleplayer survival mode on a vanilla 1.14 Java instance, and the ethical implications of a leftist verging on anarchist playing a game with such strong colonial imperialism baked into its foundations.

Maybe Something Else?

One will assume that this will be replaced with meaningful content at some point. A section for Venleitche and the Dynamic Balances mechanic would be appropriate.