Loom Rescue

If you give an anarchist a floor loom ...

Loom, Packed for Transit

When we moved from Pine Bush, NY, to La Vergne, TN, True State Movers of New Jersey tripled their price once they started loading, and wouldn't unload our stuff so we could find someone else. We had to leave behind some of our household goods because we could no longer afford to have them transported. Among these items was the loom, pictured above, fully functional, ready to be warped, packed for transit.

Thanks to the good people of the Fediverse, and a few other friends, we have been able to crowdfund rescuing this loom. The plan is to deliver it to an anarchist autonomous zone in Chapel Hill, NC, where volunteers will use it to clothe the community, including the local homeless population. This blog documents the effort leading up to the rescue, the trip itself, and the follow-up. You will see placeholders below; these will be replaced with actual working links as events occur and are documented.

Day 0: What Came Before

In which the events leading up to the rescue are documented.

Day 1: Obtaining The Van

In which we attempt to pick up the cargo van, and instead have to set up a last-minute three-way finagle to get a cargo van from another company.

Day 5: Willis

PLACEHOLDER. In which we swing by the farm, check on how it's doing, clear out a bit more of the stuff we left there, and stay over with an old friend.

Day 6: Home Again

PLACEHOLDER. In which we return to Nashville.


PLACEHOLDER. In which i go over lessons learned, and assess the success level.