Andrew Ragland, the Wandering Beekeeper

Old, tired, bitter, depressed. Irrelevant. Hypomanic bipolar, but also surrounded by assholes. Nontheological Satanist. Hard left.

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What it says on the tin.

I'm Andrew Ragland, sometime farmer, dayjob IT major incident manager, one time game designer, and forever and a day a writer and runner off at the mouth and keyboard. This is one of the projects I'm hosting on my personal site, Wandering Beekeeper, as is obvious by the URL and its length. If this site becomes popular enough I'll see about getting a vanity URL. There's a LiberaPay on the main page for a tip jar, hint hint, if you're looking for a way to let me know you've enjoyed this site and would like to see it expand. This blog will restrict itself to the following:

  • History of crops and cultivars
  • Recipes of said crops and cultivars
  • Growing tips for the plants discussed
  • Home preservation tips with a warning that I'm not an authority
  • Actual Cook articles, where I make a recipe and talk about it

If you have feedback, please use the icons on this page or the article pages. Hearing back from readers keeps me writing. No feedback, no new articles. The aforesaid tip jar also keeps me writing. As long as I'm forced to live in a capitalist society, it's a thing. I'll fix the following links as I'm able to redirect them to more appropriate targets.